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Whiskey Day Tour

Image by Dylan de Jonge

Our Whiskey Tour


3 Hours


Saturdays and Sundays - Book Ahead

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Belfast Whiskey Tour

Discover the rich flavors of Irish whiskey on our exclusive Belfast Whiskey Wanderlust: A One-Day Tasting Tour.


This immersive experience takes you through the heart of Belfast, offering a journey into the world of fine whiskeys.

Your day begins with a visit to a historic distillery, where you'll learn about the meticulous process of whiskey-making from grain to glass. Here, savor a guided tasting of premium whiskeys, understanding the nuances of each blend. Next, explore a local whiskey bar known for its extensive collection, where a whiskey connoisseur will guide you through a selection of rare and aged whiskeys, each with its own unique story.

The tour includes a stroll through the charming streets of Belfast, rich in history and culture, offering insights into the city's connection with whiskey.

Your experience culminates at an exclusive whiskey bar, where you'll indulge in a final tasting session, including some of the finest Irish whiskeys, in an intimate setting. This tour is a perfect blend of education, exploration, and indulgence for both whiskey aficionados and novices alike, promising a memorable day in Belfast.

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